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The NJHR Layout

Our club enjoys having an incredible warehouse space where we can keep our trains setup at all times. The layout is in three distinct sections: the Southern Division features a large passenger terminal and a four track subway system, the Central Division features five mainlines and numerous crossovers and the Northern Division features a large yard with steam and diesel servicing facilities.


The dimensions of the layout are 185.5 feet in length by an average width of 30 feet. The layout is located on the third floor of a building in a room 250 feet by 50 feet with unobstructed views.  The building is an old silk mill hence we named our room Silk City Station.


The “Red” line encircles the whole layout and consists of 420 feet of track that is almost 4 scale miles. 

The entire layout has over 7500' of track which would be nearly 70 scale miles!

We also have the trains that you saw when you watched the Sopranos on TV. News anchor Tom Snyder's train collection is here and we've recently added a Trolley line. So much to see! Subscribe to our email list (below) to be notified when our shows occur.

Check our Photos page to see slideshows of our layout taken at our various shows. Also check Videos to see the trains in operation!

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