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The artwork is preliminary and the final product might vary slightly from this.  Delivery is expected around January of 2024.


The price includes shipping.


This is an MTH O Scale Premier 36’ Woodsided Reefer Car in the Trommer's Beer livery.  It is a continuation of our long running Beer Reefer series.


It is offered in two road numbers which memorialize the birth and death dates of a long time member we recently lost, John Blume.


More information can be found on the MTH website.


    Trommer's Beer MTH O Scale Premier 36’ Woodsided Reefer

    • Trommer's beer originated in Bushwick Brooklyn in the late 1890’s. It was the largest seller of ALL malt beer in the United States. Trommer’s survived prohibition in a very unique way The brewery made a near beer that was offered for sale and was a hit. Trommer’s also sponsored German immigrants and financed the immigrants to run hot dog carts all over the city as long as they sold Trommer’s near beer exclusively. In 1933 Trommer’s went back to their all Malt beer and added a bock and also an ale. Trommer’s expanded in the early 1940’s and opened another brewery in Orange NJ. 1949 started the decline of Trommer’s when a delivery driver strike crippled the New York beer industry. The strike also prevented the brewery from maintaining its very unique strain of yeast for brewing. The strain died and all the beer after that tasted very different. In 1950 Trommer’s sold the Orange plant to Rheingold. In 1951 the Bushwick plant and brand name were sold to Piels which continued brewing Trommer’s White Label until 1962

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