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Bohack Grocery Stores were ingrained in the lives of New Yorkers and could be found in all five (5) boroughs and on Long Island. In the early 1900’s most New Yorkers knew a family member or friend that worked at one of the stores. Bohack stores were as much grocery stores as social outlets. You could visit you mom, dad or a friend working at the stores and store managers understood that one of the keys to the success of their store was the sense of community that Bohack’s supplied to the neighborhood. This was a family run store and the sense of community lay at the heart of the Bohack’s shopping experience.

Bohack had their own special products from cheesecakes, fruitcakes and a whole line of food products including apple sauces, white bread and their own coffee sold in tin cans ((think A&P Eight O Clock Coffee) which were sold under the Bohack’s Best Brand.  Some items were produced under license from other manufacturers  One of those was Bohack Beer and Bohack Premium Beer (Ale)  These were brewed by P. Ballantine of Newark New Jersey  Ballantine brewed the beer in Newark until 1972 when Ballantine was sold to Falstaff beer.  Falstaff closed the Newark Brewery and moved all brewing to Narragansett in Rhode Island

Bohack went out of business in 1977.

Bohack MTH O Scale Premier 36’ Woodsided Reefer - Set 3

  • MTH Premier 36' Woodside Reefer

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