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The artwork is preliminary and the final product might vary slightly from this.  Delivery is expected around January of 2024.


The price includes shipping.


This is an MTH O Scale Premier 36’ Woodsided Reefer Car in the Fidelio Beer Livery.  It is a continuation of our long running Beer Reefer series.


It is offered in two road numbers which memorialize the birth and death dates of a long time member we recently lost, Al Spaventa.


More information can be found on the MTH website.



    Fidelio Beer MTH O Scale Premier 36’ Woodsided Reefer

    • Fidelio beer was originally known as H. Koehler Beer until the 1890’s. The brewery was located on First ave and Twenty Ninth street in Manhattan. Fidelio Beer was very popular in Manhattan and Hoboken NJ. The owner of Fidelio Brewery, Samuel Goldberger survived prohibition by marketing a near beer and also A Purity Brand Malt Tonic. After the Volstead Act was repealed Fidelio beer was more popular as most of New York’s Breweries did not survive. Fidelio was also the exclusive brewer of McSorleys Cream ale. The company went public in the 1940’s and changed its name to The Greater New York Brewery. The President of the company at that time was known as one of the greatest stock swindlers of all time and lead to the companies demise. Operations were moved to Cypress Hills Brooklyn in 1950 and ended in 1953.

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