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The NJ Hi-Railers Train Club of Paterson, New Jersey is pleased to announce a very special Premier Gondola with Junk Load from MTH in the NYNJ’s paint scheme. The blue cars are a replica of the units on property and are emblazoned with the NYNJ logo. The cars sport white end caps, white steps and a black brake wheel. And since NYNJ actually has 2 numbered gondolas, we decided to do the same! Prototypically numbered as # 11 and # 111, both can be seen periodically on the Bay Ridge/Bush Terminal side of Brooklyn or in the Greenville Yard in NJ. Add these cars to your 2020 release of the NJ-HiRailers custom run of the MTH MP15-ACs for the NYNJ.


These cars are now avilable for immedaite delivery.  


To order and pay by check, please click  here.

2022 NY NJ Gondola with a junk load

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 2022 New York New Jersey Gondola Car with Junk load

    Here are the specifications.

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