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2020 NJ Hi-Railers Calendar

2020 NJ Hi-Railers Calendar

We are pleased to announce the 2020 NJ Hi-Railers Calendar is now available for Immediate Shipment.

A large number were sold at the OGR 50th Anniversary Party so it looks like it's going to be another hit!!  Get yours before they're all gone.

This year a portion of the proceeds will once again be donated to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.


2019 MTH Railking Scale MP15 in NYNY Rail livery.

The NJ Hi-Railers are pleased to announce an

MTH Railking Scale MP15 in NYNJ Rail livery.

The NJ Hi-Railers are offering three (3) powered road numbers of the MTH Railking Scale MP15 in NYNJ Rail livery. They are; 5101, 5102 and 5103. The cost is $379.99 per engine, plus shipping (and tax for engines shipped to NJ) and includes a one-year digital subscription to OGR, which is a $29.99 value. Feel free to purchase one or more road numbers. A $250 non-refundable deposit per engine is required.

The MTH model numbers will be:

Cab No. 5101:  30-20691-1
Cab No. 5102:  30-20692-1
Cab No. 5103:  30-20693-1

If for any reason the engines are not produced, any deposits will be refunded.

The order cutoff date will be November 20, 2019.

Expected delivery from MTH is May 2020.

New York Harbor was once bustling with tugboats pushing barges with railroad cars on them. Car float operations in New York harbor belonged to over 18 railroads. At their peak, the railroads had 3,400 employees operating small fleets of 323 car floats, 1,094 other barges, and 150 tugboats between New Jersey and New York City. The only surviving car float operation is operated by NYNJ Rail. 

New York New Jersey Rail is a switching and terminal railroad that operates the only car float operation across New York Bay between Jersey City, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. It also operates the ex-Port Jersey switching operations and the Bush Terminal switching operations. Since mid-November 2008 it has been owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 

Since freight trains are not allowed in Amtrak's North River Tunnels, and the Poughkeepsie Bridge was closed in 1974, NYNJ Rail’s car floats are the only freight crossing the Hudson River south of the Alfred H. Smith Memorial Bridge which is 140 miles north of New York City. The added cost of that distance has helped the car float survive. 

NYNJ Rail carries a wide range of goods including food, consumer goods, recyclables, building materials, scrap metal, lumber, plastic, and large steel beams. NYNJ Rail connects with CSX and Norfolk Southern in Jersey City and with the New York & Atlantic Railway and SBK South Brooklyn Railroad in Brooklyn.

2019 Rheingold/Gablinger’s 40ft steel sided reefers

The 5th in a series of beer cars from the NJ Hi-Railers is our 2019 Rheingold/Gablinger’s 40 foot steel sided reefer.

They are now available for order.

The two car numbers 04261942 and 02092013 honor one of our founders, Marty Horning. 

The car numbers are the dates of his birth and passing.

The cars are expected to be delivered by MTH in May 2019.

Rheingold/Gablinger's Info

Gablinger’s Beer (owned by Rheingold) developed the first light beer.  They marketed it as “Diet Beer” which spelled its doom. 

The formula was originally developed by a biochemist named Joseph Owades, who worked for New York’s Rheingold Brewery in 1967. After the failure of Gablinger’s, Owades asked his boss at Rheingold if he could share the beer recipe with a friend at Chicago-based Meister Brau brewery. Meister Brau relaunched the beer as Meister Brau Lite, targeting diet-conscious consumers. After Meister Brau went bankrupt in 1972, Miller swooped in for the sale of three of Meister Brau’s brands, including Meister Brau Lite. Miller rebranded the beer as Miller Lite.

Owades also helped develop Samuel Adams, New Amsterdam Beer, Pete's Wicked Ale and Foggy Bottom Beer.

So, the answer to the question “Did Miller invent Lite Beer” is no!

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