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Bohack beer was brewed in Newark until 1972 when Ballantine was bought out by Falstaff beer.  Falstaff closed the Newark brewery and Bohack beer brewing was moved to Providence R.I. at Falstaff's Narragansett brewery.  The beer was available until 1977 when Bohack went out of business.

2021 NJ Hi-Railers Calendar

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 NJ Hi-Railers Calendar is now available for Immediate Shipment.

This year a portion of the proceeds will once again be donated to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Trainstock 12 Hats Now Available

Our Annual Trainstock Hat is now available.
This year is Trainstock 12. A dozen years of Fun, Friendship and Trains!

2019 Rheingold/Gablinger’s 40ft steel sided reefers

Our 2019 Rheingold/Gablinger’s 40 foot steel sided reefer is sold out.

2020 Knickerbocker Beer 36ft Wood Sided Reefer

The 6th in a series of beer cars from the NJ Hi-Railers is our 2020 Knickerbocker Beer 36ft Wood Sided Reefers

The two car numbers are 01041956 and 12182013.

The car numbers commemorate the birth and passing dates of our beloved club member, Ed Zarelli.  

The cars are now available for immediate delivery!

MTH SKUs are 20-94450 & 20-94451.

Graphics may differ slightly from the images below

Car number 01041956 is sold out.

There are only 2 left available 

of Car Number 12182013.

That's it and then they are 

Gone Forever!

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