Lionel New York Central Legacy AA E8 Video Review

posted Jan 25, 2018, 8:22 AM by Chris Lord   [ updated Jan 25, 2018, 8:32 AM ]

The NJ HiRailers video review of the Lionel's 6-84088, New York Central AA E8's #4036-4037. The E8's were cataloged in the 2017 Signature Edition on page 22 & 23. Along with the NYC, Lionel offered the E8's in the Burlington Northern, Conrail, Louisville & Nashville Atlantic Coast Line, the Pennsylvania and a single A unit, the EMD 950 which is exactly what EMD offered when they introduced the engines.

The SRP is $999.99 but we were able to get it slightly cheaper as we pre-ordered to ensure we would get it. Remember, these high end units are all part of Lionel's Built to Order program which has a multiple pronged effect; reduction of inventory on hand at Lionel, protecting dealer margins, price protection and massive depreciation of the value of the units - it retains its price. We are a fan if this program though we know many people are not

Along with the standard features one now expects with any and all high-end can be found on this engine set. Their only 1 powered unit but it can easily pull 12 ~15 passenger cars. So it is powerful and can handle just about anything you couple up to them. Plus items we like, both units have fan-driven smoke units, directional LED lighting (thank you), die cast metal trucks, pilots and fuel tanks with tons of detail on the body and roof lines. The operating front marker lights were a pleasant surprise.

OK, so no more orange modules are no longer being paired with new engines. We feel and will continue to harp on this as a big mistake, they are needed, desired and make the entire set up easy. Why do we say that, well we had to figure a few things out which we mention in the video review on setting these up. They come from the factory as 2 separate engines that need to be lashed up in order to work properly. I guess I should have known that but we didn't so it took Jeff a few extra minutes and frustration to get them working. We explain this in the video.

We know how to set it up in the 990 remote, but honestly the orange modules are a convenience that we all like. Using the fast track module to read the engine data is fine, if and only if, you have it in your layout.

The alternative is look at Alex M's video on how to add this to your layout. He is way more patient than I ever will be. The engine itself it really well done, crisp, clear paint. Great details with plenty of hand applied details. The startup sequence and the spooling up of the engines is very realistic and you can hear it in the video.

We highly recommend this beautiful AA set.

BTW, this E8 engine is a classic with many of them preserved and operating around the country. Enjoy the video.