There are several webcams located along the layout. Simply follow a link below. Doing this the first time will prompt you to download and install a small plug-in file. This is actually coming from the camera and is required if you want to view live motion. It is safe to select YES.

     Note: Should you see the camera moving around, that means someone else is viewing that camera at the same time. Please wait your turn. When finished browsing, please leave the camera in the wide angle view for others. We appreciate your cooperation.

     A few instructions:: Cameras 1, 2, 4 and 6 have pan & tilt capability.  Cameras 3 and 7 are fixed position.  Camera 5 is our new HD camera.

                       Web Cams are best viewed with Internet Explorer.


Click on the Links Below to Open Up The Club Webcams

Please note that the cameras DO NOT work with Chrome due to Google removing support for a needed function.
Internet Explorer works best.

 Camera # Internet Explorer LinksFireFox or Other Browsers Links
Camera Out of Order
2 (Front Door)Internet ExplorerFireFox or Other BrowsersHD Camera
3 (Turntable)Internet ExplorerFireFox or Other Browsers HD Camera
4  Camera Out of Order
5 (Engine House)Internet ExplorerFireFox or Other BrowsersHD Camera
6 (Kitchen)Internet ExplorerFireFox or Other Browsers HD Camera
7 (Bridges)Internet ExplorerFireFox or Other Browsers
HD Camera