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Ben Fioriello

I was born in Brooklyn NY. I attended Brooklyn Tech High School and the College of Staten Island. I have a degree in Computer Science.

I am currently a Train Operator (Motorman ) with the New York City Subways. I retired from IBM after 32 years of service in 2005. I worked as a Signal Maintainer for a short awhile for the MTA and also worked for UBS Financial as an IT Specialist until 2013.

I joined the NJ HiRailers in 2003 after I came to the understanding that my dream of a home layout would never happen.  After I had renovated my basement with all new walls, ceilings, lighting and heat for my trainroom my wife decided it would be great living space and lost the territorial battle for it.

I served as President of the club from 2005 through 2013

I ran thousands of feet of wire at the NJ HiRailers and enjoy the electrical functionality of the layout.